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חרבות ברזל

On October 7, our lives underwent a significant and unforgettable change, which resulted in the unity of the people following the pain and challenges. From these difficult experiences, the understanding spread: only together can we create improvement and change. All considered, I thought about how to express myself as an artist.
I decided to make special necklaces. Each necklace was created by hand, with a combination of Jewish symbols that allow personal and meaningful identification. The goal: thanks to the necklace and strive to feel better, we will get stronger and unite together, hoping for better days and for protection of our heroic soldiers.
I also created jewelry with Jewish symbols such as the Star of David and Mezuzah houses along with a map of the land of Israel depending on the period.
I believe in the simple power of jewelry as a source of inspiration and connection to the Jewish principles. The jewelry creations were built with great consideration and focus on details, to ensure that everyone will find a part of themselves in them. Being a living Israeli nation (“Am Israel Chai”), together we can grow, develop and face every challenge together.

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