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Unique Mosaic Art Work

On October 7, our lives underwent a significant and unforgettable change, which resulted in the unity of the people following the pain and challenges. From these difficult experiences, the understanding spread: only together can we create improvement and change. All considered, I thought about how to express myself as an artist.
I decided to make special necklaces. Each necklace was created by hand, with a combination of Jewish symbols that allow personal and meaningful identification. The goal: thanks to the necklace and strive to feel better, we will get stronger and unite together, hoping for better days and for protection of our heroic soldiers.
I also created jewelry with Jewish symbols such as the Star of David and Mezuzah houses along with a map of the land of Israel depending on the period.
I believe in the simple power of jewelry as a source of inspiration and connection to the Jewish principles. The jewelry creations were built with great consideration and focus on details, to ensure that everyone will find a part of themselves in them. Being a living Israeli nation (“Am Israel Chai”), together we can grow, develop and face every challenge together.



The fantastic, exciting and imaginative world of mosaic, is the basis for Judy's work. Between the hidden and the visible, the old and the new, the broken and the whole, she remains faithful to ancient art while at the same time she's breaking the rules, and brings new life to the broken mosaic pieces. Judy wanders around the world to collect unique porcelain objects, which used to serve as dining dishes in palaces and royal houses a long time ago, and somehow found their way to current flee markets. Under her hand, the objects receive a new spiritual meaning. In a modern technique free of manners - Schachter skillfully connects past and present, and glues to her works a new meaning. "Mosaic", Judy explains, "is an art that focuses on breaking and remaking, what once was a plate or a vase at other times, becomes something new. It's a process of re-creating. This gives these pieces of memory a chance to be reborn."